Trust & Heritage

We believe in doing the right thing

Millions of people trust our products around the world

For more than 85 years we’ve shown that our formulations work, and with the introduction of real women in our advertisements, that we truly value authenticity.

We’ve Consistently Shaped Our Offer to Respond to the Changing Needs of Our Customers
We’ve Consistently Shaped Our Offer to Respond to the Changing Needs of Our Customers

Our brands, a number of which were created and driven by inspiring, industry-leading women, have helped successive generations negotiate the opportunities, pressures and freedoms they have faced in their everyday lives as well as supported them to grow in confidence and be more able to be themselves.

Back in 1935, when No7 was launched, scientifically developed beauty products were for women who had the luxury of time and money. No7 demystified the culture of beauty, making it a simple, everyday activity accessible to all women. Through in-store consultants, authentic customer literature and affordable pricing, No7 brought prestige beauty to the high street.

Over time, customers’ expectations changed. They began to want products that really worked and they started to care much more about products being sustainable, brands being honest and doing the right thing. In 2007 No7 raised the bar on transparency and trust when its infamous Protect & Perfect Serum was independently verified by scientists and featured on the BBC Horizon program.

Now, together, the diverse portfolio of brands which makes up No7 Beauty Company has more than met the challenge of gaining customers’ trust: with No7 as the leading skincare brand in the UK; the long-standing plant-based credentials of Liz Earle Beauty Company and Botanics providing naturally inspired beauty solutions; Soap & Glory’s focus on affordability making indulgent bathing an everyday luxury and Sleek MakeUP as an early champion of diversity highlighting the under-representation of women of color in the makeup industry.

The enduring appeal of our multi-award-winning products is testament to the many ways we’ve consistently shaped our offer to respond to the changing needs and demands of our customers. We’ve listened. And whatever they’ve needed from beauty at the time, we’ve delivered.