Frequently Asked Questions
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Q - There's no closing date on the job description, how do I know when it's open until?

A - We encourage you to make your application as soon as possible. We remove our vacancies from the website as soon as we have enough candidates to interview.


Q - How can I find out the salary for the role?

A - Our salaries vary based on your skills, experience and the location of the role, this is something that we would be able to discuss with you at interview.



Q - Can I apply for more than one role?

A - Yes, depending on the role this is possible. For Store based roles we recommend you apply for your preferred role. For some roles, if you’re progressed to interview stage then we would withdraw any other applications.


Q - What documents should I provide as proof to work in the UK?

A - Examples of Right to Work documentation may include your Birth Certificate with proof of National Insurance or Passport or Biometric Resident Permit Card. For a full list of Right to Work Documentation we can accept please visit: Right to Work Checklist


Q - I've not been successful with my application, can I get feedback?

A - If you'd like feedback following an interview, please contact the store directly to request this. For Support Office roles, you can contact the recruiter you had previous contact with.



Q - I've been asked to complete an online assessment, how long do have to complete it?

A - In most cases you have 7 days to complete the online assessment unless we have indicated differently in the invite email. However, we would encourage you to complete the assessment as soon as possible as we progress candidates to interview as they pass the online assessment.


Q - I'm struggling to complete the online assessment.

A - Not all of our online assessments are compatible with all tablets and mobile devices, so we suggest you use a desktop if possible. We also recommend that you disable pop up blockers, delete your browser history and all cookies before attempting to log back in.


Q - I have a disability or learning different that may affect my performance during the selection process.

A - During your application, you will be asked ‘Do you require any adjustments or assistance?’ Please use this section to tell us about any adjustments or assistance you may need in order to complete the assessment or attend an interview. We will endeavour to meet these requests wherever possible. The online assessment for store colleague roles has no time limit. You will have 7 days to complete it and can take as long as you need within this time frame, meaning you can leave the test and return to it later. For other roles which do have a time limit on the online assessments, please get in touch if you feel you need further support.



Q - I've booked an interview but can no longer attend.

A - Please contact your recruiter or hiring manager asap to make them aware.  Please note that if you need to reschedule, slots are available on a first come first served basis.


Q - I'm running late for my interview, what should I do?

A - Please contact the store directly to let them know. For Support Office roles please contact the recruiter that you’ve had previous contact with.


Q - When should I hear back following my interview?

A - It usually takes up to 14 days to hear back from an interview. If you’ve not heard after this please contact your recruiter or hiring manager.



Q - I have a disability and may need adjustments to be able to work (either to the work premises or working pattern), would this be possible?

A - We are proud to be an equal opportunities employer, and wherever possible will make reasonable adjustments in order to help support candidates into work. Such adjustments would need to be discussed with the hiring manager at interview.