Global Reach

Brilliant sourcing and consistent supply for our retailer and distribution channels across the world 

Helping to make our brands more available and affordable across the world

We run a slick global operation, working with our retailers and distributors to give consumers more of the products they need from the brands they love, wherever they are in the world. With a total commitment to sustainable practices, we deliver expertly researched, developed and sourced products to our global markets fast and cost effectively.

Thinking Locally to Deliver Globally
Thinking Locally to Deliver Globally

We have expert sourcing and logistics teams in North America, Asia, Mexico and the UK, putting us at the center of the markets we serve and close to our suppliers. These teams provide our brands and retailers with the global support they need, enhanced by area specific knowledge, directly in their local market. Our agility and experience means we can tailor our approach for each market.

In Asia our local hub is a well-established team who design, develop and deliver products in this region, for the region. In the U.S. we’re investing in our local supplier relationships and manufacturing base to meet the need of local, in-region No7 demand, as well as advancing our research collaboration with the Department of Dermatology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

A Sustainable Supply Chain

Working with suppliers and manufacturing partners, we’re continually modernizing and re-engineering our supply chain to adapt to an increasingly competitive global market.

We’re developing products in a leaner way, reducing waste and duplication, sourcing and producing locally, and cutting out complexity to reduce cost and time to market. This simplified approach also has a positive impact on the planet, reducing the miles travelled by our products and cutting down the use of single-use plastics and other packaging.