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No7 also debuts a SPF50 daily defence shield to protect against sun damage

One year on from the biggest ever beauty launch in the UK, No7 Future Renew continues to break new ground in skin damage reversal. The serum, containing a world-first super peptide blend which constituted one of the biggest cosmetic science breakthroughs in a generation, was tested in clinical trial over 12 months, and is now clinically proven to deliver ongoing improvements over a year with regular use. The Future Renew serum is also clinically proven to reverse visible signs of photodamage, including pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

The world-first peptide technology has also been subject to ongoing research studies with the University of Manchester and the Future Renew range has continued to be tested, making it the most extensively and diversely tested product range in the brand’s history, with more than 5,100 people across 52 trials. This includes a clinical split-face trial where 97% of women had a reversal in the appearance of multiple signs of skin damage and a new user trial where 67% of women saw a reversal in the appearance of pigmentation and dark spots.

Dr Mike Bell, Head of Science Research, No7 comments “Cumulative studies are rarely published which means that little is known about the long-term benefits of cosmetic products. This study is therefore particularly illuminating because it provides compelling evidence that the No7 Future Renew serum delivers incrementally proven results through long-term use, delivering ongoing improvements in key signs of damage over 12 months of use. Those key signs of damage include lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dryness, dullness and lack of firmness.”


British science makes global waves

The discovery of the new super peptide blend in the Future Renew range was the result of a 15-year collaboration with the University of Manchester.  It was developed using cutting edge British R&D across several fields of science and technology, with scientific methods and approaches that are more akin to medical research and rarely seen in cosmetic product development. The peptide discovery work has recently been published in the British Journal of Dermatology and was presented at the prestigious American Academy of Dermatology Conference in San Diego in March 2024.

The No7 Future Renew range took the world by storm when it launched in April 2023, becoming the UK’s biggest ever beauty launch with over 500,000 transactions in the first four weeks. Since then, one product has continued to sell every seven seconds*, the range holds the record for the highest repeat purchase rate of any facial skincare in Boots** and the two serums are the number one and two selling serums in the retailer. The range has also become a hugely successful British beauty export having launched in Australia, the Nordics, Thailand and the US, where it has become the best -selling serum in Walgreens.

Reverse & Protect from visible signs of accumulated sun damage

The No7 Future Renew range is all about tackling visible signs of damage. With sun being responsible for up to 80% of visible skin damage, reversing visible signs of sun damage has become the holy grail in skincare, and No7’s Future Renew serum is clinically proven to reverse visible signs of photodamage, including pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

It is vital that protection against sun damage is part of people’s everyday skincare regime too. As such, No7 has extended its Future Renew range with the addition of No7 Future Renew Damage Protection Defence Shield SPF50, so as well as reversing the visible signs of sun damage with the existing Future Renew range, people can protect against everyday sun damage too.

Launching on April 10th, No7 Future Renew Damage Protection Defence Shield SPF50 is a lightweight, hydrating fluid, specifically designed for everyday use all year round, so that people can protect their skin from cumulative daily UV exposure which can cause both invisible damage, and visible signs of damage. It has been carefully formulated to be lightweight and invisible, fast absorbing and shine-free so it sits easily under makeup.  40% of annual sun exposure happens outside of the summer months, thereby pointing to the importance of wearing high sun protection every day.**** 

Clare O’Connor, No7 Senior Research Scientist says: “While age and time are factors in skin ageing, exposure to UV light is the single biggest cause of accelerated appearance of skin damage. While the cells on the surface of our skin constantly turn over and renew, deeper within skin there are cells and proteins, such as collagen, that are incredibly long lived and can last our whole lifetime. Even short bursts of sun exposure cause damage to these cells and proteins which builds up, eventually being displayed as visible signs of sun damage such as dryness, uneven texture, lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and loss of firmness. No7 Future Renew is clinically proven to reverse visible signs of sun damage but, of course, it is critical to protect against sun damage too. In the UK, we tend to think about sunscreen when we are going overseas or intentionally spending all day outside, and we are less inclined to consider it warranted for shorter exposures. That’s why we have added a lightweight, hydrating SPF50 to the No7 Future Renew range, ensuring we have a high protection product with a light texture that sits easily under makeup, and is ideal for all year round, everyday usage.”

The No7 Future Renew range, including the new Damage Protection Defence Shield SPF50, is available nationwide at Boots stores, and


No7 FUTURE RENEW DAMAGE REVERSAL SERUM 50ml - £42.95 / 25ml - £34.95

No7 Future Renew Serum is proven to reverse visible signs of sun damage in just four weeks. The serum contains the super peptide blend, as well as niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, mulberry and hydrolysed rice proteins.


Dermatologist approved, No7 Future Renew Daily Defence SPF50 has been carefully formulated to be fast absorbing and to leave an invisible, shine-free and light finish so it sits easily under makeup without any pilling. In user trials, 93% of people agreed it has a lightweight, invisible application. The product also contains peptides and sodium hyaluronate and helps protect against visible signs of damage.  


A richer formula than the SPF50, No7 Future Renew Day Cream is proven to protect against UV, targeting  visible signs of sun damage, such as the feeling of dryness and loss of elasticity.   It contains SPF40 for sun damage protection, No7s super peptide blend, an antioxidant blend, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and rice proteins. It intensely moisturises the skin for up to 72 hours, and within 1 week of use, users reported brighter, healthier, more supple skin.


No7 Future Renew Night Cream is expertly formulated to support skin's natural self-repair process while sleeping and reverse visible signs of skin damage. It contains the super peptide blend, along with other key nourishing ingredients including shea butter, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid.  ​​

This night cream helps reverse the appearance of uneven tone and texture, dry skin and lost elasticity.   It deeply moisturises for up to 72 hours, and delivers instant results with more nourished, softer and smoother skin. In as little as one week, users reported their skin felt supple and texture more even.


The skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate than elsewhere on the face, meaning it is more susceptible to damage. Expertly developed for the delicate eye area, No7 Future Renew Eye Serum reverses visible signs of skin damage in 8 weeks.  In addition to No7's super peptide blend, the eye serum also contains hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, vitamin C, an antioxidant blend and rice proteins. In one week, the appearance of fine lines is reduced, and after four weeks, the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness is reduced, and skin tone looks more even.

 *based on Boots revenue sales data up to 02.03.24

** Circana (Boots UK Advantage Card 52w/e 24-02-2024)

*** User trials on 119 women

****Diffey BL A behavioural model for estimating population exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation.(2007) Photochem and photobiol