Introducing the No7 Beauty Company Creator Collective

No7 CC lockup
No7 CC lockup

This week No7 Beauty Company announced the launch of a ground-breaking influencer skincare education programme, created in partnership with the British Beauty Council to help educate up-and-coming social creators on skincare. It will be the first-of-its kind industry initiative to upskill creators by providing world-class ‘Science of Skincare’ education modules specifically designed to tackle misleading and incorrect content on social platforms and ensure skin-related content is based on scientific truth.

The skincare education programme will form the cornerstone of the No7 Beauty Company Creator Collective; an exclusive community created for up-and-coming social creators. By invitation only, the No7 Beauty Company Creator Collective will train and upskill influencers, who will be given the tools to help boost their skincare knowledge through exclusive access to educational content created by leading beauty and science experts. The ambition is that this rigorous skincare training will give followers confidence that information they discover about beauty products is informed and knowledgeable.

The course content is endorsed by experienced beauty journalists and dermatologists, including leading skincare influencers Alison Young and Alice Hart-Davis and aestheticians Dija Ayodele and Dr. Aamna Adel. Delivered by online learning platform, Learning with Experts, the programme features a series of expert led lessons, designed to educate and inform creators in an online classroom setting.  The six skincare modules will help to de-bunk widely circulated skincare myths on social media. The creators will learn about the science of skin, as well as ingredient information that helps them to communicate beauty information that is factually correct.

No7 Beauty Company was motivated to take action after learning that over 55% of global consumers find the skincare and cosmetic categories complex and confusing and find it difficult to identify what products are suited to their skin*, highlighting a need for more clarity from reputable sources. 

Mark Winter, Managing Director at No7 Beauty Company says “As a leader in the beauty industry, we have a responsibility to ensure people receive high quality, factually correct content about skincare so they can make informed choices about the beauty products they purchase. We’re thrilled to be partnering with the British Beauty Council to create this world-class skincare education content for influencers as part of our new Creator Collective. Our ambition is that through this work, we can support social creators in becoming true skincare experts creating valuable and factual content for their platforms that consumers can trust, and we hope to support their career growth in the beauty industry as a result.”

Elizabeth Barnett-Lawton, President of Education, British Beauty Council says “With so much conflicting information circulating on social media, it’s important those with influence have access to correct information that they can use in their interactions with their own audience. The new skin education programme provides a much-needed opportunity for social creators to educate their own communities in a responsible and effective way.”

Influencers recruited into the long-term Creator Collective partnership will also be invited to play a collaborative role in shaping the No7 Beauty Company brand identity. As well as being given access to production studios for content creation, creators will have the chance to act as consultants on brand and product strategy across No7 Beauty Company’s six iconic brands – No7, Liz Earle Beauty Co., Soap & Glory, Sleek MakeUP, Botanics and YourGoodSkin.

Meet the Collective
Marie Louise

Marie Louise is a pro-age influencer on Instagram sharing my grown-up guide to style, beauty, and wellness. She creates fashion, beauty, wellness, and travel content, using a mix of media from video content, Reels, professional photography and selfies. 

Kate Lonsdale

Kate Lonsdale, known as @thesilverkat on Instagram, is from London originally and now lives in Lincolnshire. Her Instagram is mostly fashion-based, along with skincare and beauty related content. She is a “fashion obsessed mother of two”. Her approach to fashion is layering and combinations that might not appear immediately obvious excites her most. She has worked as a hairdresser for 30 years - fashion and styling are her first loves and between all those things she is lucky enough to do what she loves. 

Alicia Lartey

Bio-med graduate and Esthetician Alicia Lartey is a Gen-Z skincare oracle and science-oriented 'skinfluencer' who has cemented her position as a major voice in the world of beauty, skin, and body care. 

Maxine Summer

Maxine is a 54-year-old wife, mother, and stepmother. After 3 decades in financial services, much of it spent coaching and mentoring, she decided to use her skills to help women in mid-life rediscover themselves. She imparts information and inspiration on fashion, skincare, health, and beauty in a fun and supportive way to her community on Instagram. 

Amber Georgestone

Amber is passionate about veganism and is also a beauty addict. She loves showing that you can still have flawless makeup and an amazing skincare routine using vegan & cruelty-free products. She also loves sharing my favourite vegan and cruelty-free product recommendations as well as tips and tutorials. 

Rogina Shrethsa

Rogina is a beauty content creator and loves anything to do with self-care, whether it's makeup or skincare – it's her idea of therapy! She films tutorials and 'how to...' guides to help and teach people tips & tricks but, also learn more for herself in the process. She loves the freedom of being able to be creative. 

Janet Adetunji

Janet is a skincare guru, sharing her expansive knowledge about skin care products to help her audience develop their understanding around ingredients, and how to build a routine that works best for their skin. Dealing with combination/dry skin herself, Janet can speak about her personal skin care journey too. In addition to skin, Janet discusses all things ‘base’ in the beauty world, helping us get our faces all the way together. 

Zak Heath

Zak Heath is a digital content creator specialising in beauty, skincare, and makeup. He has amassed a loyal following across TikTok and Instagram. Zak regularly creates content to show how to achieve flawless finishes on your makeup and skincare routines. His fans love to see his simple GRWM, makeup tutorials and hacks to showcase natural looking skin. 

Shahira Allen

Shahira is a full-time freelance Black British beauty content creator based in West Yorkshire, with a northern accent too. She creates content surrounding natural hair care, beauty for deeper skin tones, industry help for creators, beauty tips & hacks and very fun & creative afro futuristic looks.