Boots and No7 Beauty Company launch new initiative to help suppliers cut greenhouse gas emissions

  • Boots and No7 Beauty Company partner with Manufacture 2030 to accelerate progress towards Net Zero
  • Manufacture 2030 (M2030) is a leading carbon reduction platform, helping manufacturers to measure, manage, and reduce carbon emissions
  • As one of the original development founders of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Climate Action Roadmap, Boots is committed to collectively deliver the industry’s net zero ambition, along with other retailers

Boots and No7 Beauty Company have partnered with Manufacture 2030 (M2030) to accelerate their ongoing efforts to reduce emissions and contribute to industry-wide action.

Suppliers to Boots and No7 Beauty Company will have access to M2030’s platform which offers best practice tools, knowledge, and funding opportunities to support them to decarbonise their business, while improving operational efficiency and decreasing costs.

Boots is the first health and beauty retailer to partner with M2030.

Steve Ager, Chief Customer and Commercial Officer at Boots said: “At Boots we believe that healthy communities need a healthy planet. We were founded 175 years ago to make healthcare available to all and today we are the leading health and beauty retailer in the UK. Operating in a way that cares for the environment has never been more important for Boots and No7 Beauty Company, but we cannot do this without our valued suppliers. 

“As part of our commitment to the British Retail Consortium Climate Action Roadmap, we are working to collectively achieve Net Zero by 2040 and we can only do this by working together with all parts of our supply chain.”

Martin Chilcott, Chief Executive Officer, at Manufacture 2030, said: “Through the M2030 platform, suppliers of Boots and No7 Beauty Company will gain access to a global network of carbon experts, best practice guidelines, and green finance whilst receiving actionable insights to identify cost-saving measures. This enables their supply chain to join a collaborative platform with thousands of manufacturers committed to accelerating decarbonization worldwide. These essential tools and resources will assist them in pinpointing areas for improvement and implementing effective measures to reduce emissions, ensuring their efforts align with Boots’ sustainability targets.”

Learn more about how Boots plans to make its Bootprint as light as possible here.

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